Technical Management

Technical Department

The Company’s technical department is responsible for the technical supervision and maintenance of the vessels as well as the attendance of dry dockings and repairs. The department is manned with experienced and highly educated superintendent engineers who ensure that all vessels are closely monitored, well maintained and perform to their maximum capacity through an excellent Planned Maintenance System and frequent attendances on board the vessels.

Purchasing Department

The procurement department ensures that the vessels are fully equipped and always maintain a safety stock of deck and engine stores, materials, provisions, supplies, and equipment through reliable suppliers, at competitive prices always bearing in mind the vessels’ trading patterns.

Quality & Safety Department

The department is responsible for the safety and security on board the vessels, pollution prevention and environment management in every respect. It is the Company’s philosophy to always comply with the laws and regulations of the Flag States, Classification Societies, national and international requirements and regulations as well as to remain vigilant of new regulations and requirements. The Quality and Safety departmet frequently performs audits on board the managed fleet to ensure the implementation of the Company’s Safety Management System.


Commercial Management

The Commercial Management of the company is comprised of the Chartering, the Operations and the Insurance and Claims departments. The Chartering department attains suitable employment for our managed vessels with well-respected Charterers at competitive rates and subsequently monitors the hire/freight collection. The Operations department closely supervises on a 24/7 basis the vessels’ day to day operations, follows the vessels’ performance throughout their designated voyages, cooperates with agents and authorities for the smooth loading and discharging of the cargoes and finally monitors cargo handling, bunkering and disbursement payments etc. Finally the Insurance and Claims Department is responsible for placing hull and machinery, war risks, protection and indemnity as well as defense covers for all of the managed vessels. The department is also responsible for the handling of all claims and maintains very close relationships with the group’s Underwriters.


Crewing Services

The Crew department is in close collaboration with carefully selected manning agencies ensuring that each vessel is manned with capable and experienced seafarers, always in accordance with national requirement and regulations. The department focuses on the safety, proper training and mental and physical well-being of all seafarers employed by the Company.