The Franco Shipping Group was founded by Dr. Achilles Frangistas in 1948, by establishing Franco Compania Naviera S.A. He acquired his first ship in 1951 and by the early sixties he had managed to establish a healthy and expanding fleet whose performance was further enhanced through the addition of a substantial number of dry cargo ships, including fifteen war-built Liberty ships.By the mid-sixties, Franco had gained substantial expertise in the international shipping business, enabling it to engage in new building projects. In a pioneering agreement with the USSR, a series of ten ships of various types were constructed at the Nikolayev Shipyards which subsequently came under the group’s management.

The rapid evolution of Franco’s maritime activities did not cease there. During the following five years, 20 dry cargo ships from the second hand market joined its fleet before Franco took delivery of two SD-14 ships built at Hellenic Shipyards, Scaramanga in 1971.

After a successful period of two and a half decades in dry cargo operation, the Company’s principals decide to start diversifying to include the bulk carrier segment in order to meet the rapidly changing trends in world shipping. To underline their commitment, a 26000dwt bulker was ordered and delivered from Namura shipyard in Japan in 1976. This was followed by numerous purchases of bulk carriers form the second-hand market over the following forty-seven years.

Franco has directly, or through its affiliates managed an excess of 150 vessels in the dry bulk sector, as well as crude carriers, containers, and a fishing fleet.

With its history in global maritime activities for over three quarters of a century the Franco Shipping Group today offers commercial, operational, technical and crewing services to international owners and is widely acknowledged as one of the most respected traditional ship-management companies.

Through its 34 shore based professionals and over 220 sea-going officers and crew, the group offers:

• High-quality technical management services with a 99.8% utilization rate

• Exceptional charterer relationships with A-class charterers

• Competitive advantage in the Sale & Purchase market

• Competitive insurance premiums due to exceptional insurance records

• Reputational excellence with suppliers and vendors

• Experienced personnel with extensive industry knowledge

• Over 80% crew retention rate

Franco Compania Naviera S.A. is the oldest Company in the group, active in ship operations and ship management. The Company offers services across the full range of vessel management, including technical, operations, crewing, procurement, insurance, and new-building supervision.


FCN Management is a ship management company offering 3rd party ship management services to ship-owners. Similarly to FRANCO it is active across the full chain of technical management including new-building supervision.


FTC (Franco Trading & Chartering) is a commercial manager and freight broking company. The company’s main objective is chartering tonnage out in order to maximize the commercial potential of the vessels owned or managed by the group.